Monday, 3 June 2019

Why Kodimax is an Ideal Online Trading Platform

Kodimax is a leading provider of online trading services to clients all over the world. One of the key features offered by this trading firm is that it allows customers to trade in multiple asset classes including cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and even foreign exchange. Hence, it serves as a one-stop shop for all your gain-on-margin needs. Since Kodimax allows CFD trades as well, they are available 24 hours a day and 5 working days a week for their investors. For those of you who have not traded CFDs before. It is a good time to have a bit information about what they are. 

CFDs or Contract for Difference is financial securities that represent a particular asset class. The underlying asset could be Stocks, commodities or foreign currency. The two essential elements that make a CFD trade more effective than others are ‘margin trade’ and ‘leverage buying’. CFDs allow you to buy certain security at a certain percentage of the actual price. The amount is based on market speculation and allows traders to bet on the asset going up or down in value. If you purchase 100 CFDs of a particular stock and grows 5 times in value your gain can be much more than the price you paid for the CFD. 

Advantages of working with Kodimax

Some of the major advantages of working with Kodimax include: 

Their online trading page is easy to use 

From the time you first land on their website, to your very first trade, everything looks like a piece of cake when you are working with Kodimax. To create an account on their portal, all you need to do is enter some basic information like name, email, and location. Once registered, you can start trading on this platform by investing as little as EUR 500. Everything that you need to know about your trade is on the front of your screen. Whether it is Bitcoin Currency or security registered on a popular stock exchange every information is seconds away when you are trading on this platform. 


One of the key selling propositions of this online platform is a team of experts that sits at the back-end of this platform. Group of people that work at Kodimax has quite a diverse professional background. While there are some who have spent years managing derivatives, there are also those who can do forex trades on their finger-tips. The company prides itself for being ahead of its competitors when it comes to compliance, payment processing, and international law.

Client Satisfaction is their top priority 

Staff at Kodimax strives each day of the week to make trading easy for their clients. The company has a team of relationship managers that work with their valued clients to resolve their short-term and long-term trading needs. Clients can call in at any time of day to ask questions about newly introduced securities or for troubleshooting a technical problem on their dashboard. Working closely with customers helps the Kodimax team to make their trading platform more effective and dynamic than ever before. 

Security of Information 

When it comes to online trading, confidentiality of information is the key to attracting new clients to your portfolio. Hence, the firm strives hard to ensure that every trade is conducted through encrypted transmissions so that no data can be stolen by hackers during any kind of online trade from their platform. Besides that, investor reports are sent only to authorized personnel and password protected to ensure that only the addressee is able to open the file. To keep themselves updated with the latest regulations, the Kodimax staff is constantly monitoring any changes made by the regulatory body that affects the online trading industry. 

How does Kodimax safeguard their client’s interest  

One of the major goals of this trading platform is to preserve clients interest at all times. For this very reason, policymakers at Kodimax put in place procedures that focus on client satisfaction before everything else. Here are a few steps the firm has taken in this regard: 

Liquidity - Whenever a client signs up with a trading firm, one of their major concerns is whether they would be able to withdraw their investment when they need it the most. Kodimax wants to ensure that they are clients are comfortable working with them, hence they provide adequate liquidity options to the investors in order to cater to their short-term and long-term needs. 

Income - Research Analysts at Kodimax want to ensure that there client’s portfolio is generating income on a regular basis. Hence, they perform rigorous research on a daily basis to indicate if there is any shift in the market. Portfolio managers can then take the necessary measure to inform their clients to shift trades if possible. This collaborative approach allows the firm’s team members to generate positive income for their clients. 

Volatility - Although no investor would want their wealth to be tested in a volatile market, the fact of the matter is that growth of your wealth depends a lot on how markets fluctuate. The basic concept behind any financial gain is buying low and selling high. This can only be achieved if there is a certain amount of volatility in the market. However, in order to make sure that their portfolio captures high end of the volatility cycle, Kodimax performs sophisticated calculations to preserve their client’s wealth even in volatile markets. 

Expected Return - To attract any potential client, any trading platform needs to prove to their investors that they are able to generate positive returns on a regular basis. Hence, they prepare future trends based on different asset classes and justify that the portfolio they are going to prepare will generate positive returns. At Kodimax, the main goal of the advisory team is to always have authentic data to back their claims of higher expected returns. 

Through Kodimax’s online trading platform, investors can secure their future by making trades on some of the most volatile markets in the word. With flexible terms and conditions and minimal fee, this is a great asset management vehicle to grow your wealth over time.