Thursday, 24 October 2019

Coin2fx Review - A Recommended Broker for Your Trading Needs

Coin2fx Review

With the trading world expanding consistently, there is an increasing number of brokers streaming into the marketplace. One worrying factor is that there is also a growing rate of scammers who claim to offer reliable services, but are just after money. This means that an investors and traders in either stocks, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, CFDs or commodities have to make an effort to engage highly recommended and trustworthy brokers. If you are looking for a desirable and sound option, the Coin2fx platform is a good one. Launched nine years back, this brokerage promotes a smooth investing process and can protect your finances in the best possible way. 

Coin2fx platform can offer all essential features and elements that are needed by traders for a remarkable experience. In a market where sincere and experienced brokers are limited in number, Coin2fx provides its users with accurate and authentic information regarding the products they offer. It has gained the attention and preferences of a large number of investors and traders worldwide because of the comprehensive package it presents. It is able to provide the all-in-one trading experience with their proprietary Contract for Difference (CFD) software, which is just as good as the MetaTrader 4. 

In fact, with this software, traders can enjoy a streamlined and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for them to manage their accounts and execute their trades. There are no lags or speed issues and traders will be able to open and close trades quickly. The incredible trading openings presented by Coin2fx is also an appealing factor. It is renowned all around the globe for cryptocurrency and forex trading. You can trade some popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and others. The currency pairs provided are also exotic and not offered by other brokers such as South African Rand, Singapore and Hong Kong Dollars and Turkish Lira. 

There are indices and stocks and even commodities like gas, oil, silver, gold, platinum, wheat and coffee. Suffice it to say, Coin2fx gives traders an excellent opportunity of diversifying their investment portfolio. Once you make up your mind about where to begin, the next step you need to take on Coin2fx is signing up. You don’t need any expertise in this regard. It is essential to provide accurate information such as working email addresses, real names and secure passwords. Proof of identity and address has to be provided as your account needs to be verified for processing deposits and withdrawals. 

In order to complete the registration process, you are required to select an account type. Coin2fx is aware of the wide range of customers who use their platform for trading so they have provided five account options instead of the standard three. The categories available are: 

· Silver: Recommended for starters, this account can be opened with a deposit of EUR 500 that can be increased till EUR 2,500. There are advanced charts and trading signals, which are sent once on a daily basis. The leverage with this account is 10% and two trading sessions in a month can be availed. Partial access to the education center is also offered. 

· Gold: The features of this account are similar to the basic one. The difference is in the level of deposit needed as here it begins from EUR 2,500. The leverage is increased to 20% and the loyalty bonus also experiences an increase. Trading session can be availed on a weekly basis through this account type. 

· Platinum: At least EUR 10,000 have to be deposited for this account type, which makes it great for traders with some experience. There are exclusive updates and webinars available via this account and you can get full-time access to the education center. The leverage is boosted to 30%. 

· Diamond: You have to deposit EUR 50,000 for this account and the loyalty bonus and leverage both rise to 40%. Trading signals are available three times a day, money management option is available and SMS trading alerts are also sent for the convenience of the traders. 

As convenience of traders and investors is priority for Coin2fx, it has provided a variety of deposit and withdrawal options to users. Two currency options are available, which include Great Britain Pound (GBP) and Euros (EUR). No charges are deducted for making outside transfers. You can opt for bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, both Visa and MasterCard. Digital transfer methods are also available. You don’t need to worry about the security of your funds as tough security measures are implemented to protect accounts. An isolated bank account is used for storing funds, which means that Coin2fx will not use or access it for its own use. 

The first withdrawal every month is free of charge at Coin2fx. Subsequent withdrawals incur a cost of EUR 25. State of the art 256-bit SSL encryption is used by the platform for protecting user data. The routine checks and website’s operation is controlled by the security experts through firewall implementation. Passwords are encrypted and encoded and only account holders have access to them. All international policies for scams are followed at Coin2fx, which include KYC (Know your Customer) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). 

Last, but not the least, the customer support offered by the brokerage is also commendable because it has simplified the trading process a great deal. You can use multiple avenues for getting in touch with Coin2fx’s team such as email, text and social media and they will provide thorough and reliable responses to resolve any issues. With the increasing number of brokers in the market, Coin2fx emerges as a highly ranked platform for trading and the combination of features makes it unique and a great option for everyone.