Monday, 2 August 2021

Dogecoin Gains 2.8% to $0.206 – How To Purchase DOGE?

Dogecoin has seen steady uptrends since last week amid positive sentiments in the overall crypto market. Regardless of the massive losses in May, the leading meme coin has seen phenomenal performances in 2021.

DOGE has struggled to keep its prices over $0.20 since the total crypto crash.

While writing this content, DOGE trades at $0.206 after gaining 2.8%.

Price Analysis

DOGE has registered stable prices over the past few sessions. Meanwhile, market players remain skeptical about the meme asset as far as future values are concerned. For now, investors anticipate price increases as buyers battle to defend the coin over $0.20. However, the asset might not incur massive losses or gains due to the mild volatility.

With uptrends, DOGE might climb to explore the zones over $0.25. Meanwhile, such a scenario requires traders' optimism and coin accumulation. Remember, such moves will depend on the actions seen by the broader crypto space.

However, Dogecoin has chances to slump as it fights to maintain over $0.20. With falls, the crypto might retest the low levels at $0.18. The probability of DOGE plunging further to $0.16 still exists. Such DOGE moves might trigger magnified bear activity for increased sell-offs.

Indeed, Dogecoin has faced multiple challenges over the past few months. Recently, Kevin O'Leary, a renowned Canadian businessman, attacked DOGE. According to the investor, trading virtual coins resembles gambling due to the associated risks. He also commented that other blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana are legit than Dogecoin.

Meanwhile, Dogecoin developers have been working tirelessly to improve the coin's network to ensure more use cases and mainstream acceptance. For instance, Elon Musk declared working with DOGE developers to upgrade the meme coin. That way, investors speculated new highs for the canine-themed virtual asset.

How to Buy DOGE?

If you plan to buy Dogecoin, you may have to create a trading account with a crypto exchange like eToro. The platform has many trading futures and tools that have proven money-making for most traders. However, beware of the associated trading risks. At the moment, DOGE will enjoy extended upticks depending on the total crypto market mood.