4 ICO’s Investors Need to Watch for Fall 2017

Anyone who’s been keeping up with the cryptocurrency scene knows that initial coin offerings (ICO’s) are booming in popularity. After eight months into the 2017 year, a total of over $1.25 billion has been raised through ICO’s alone. This from CoinSchedule.com’s ICO tracker.

This amount surpasses all the money raised through the entire 2016 year, which was $96.3 million. The $1.25 billion has even exceeded money raised by startups through traditional angel and seed venture capital investments for 2017.

For those new to the cryptocurrency space, an ICO is a decentral, unregulated method of raising funds for blockchain-based ventures. While the company does not lose any equity as with traditional IPO’s, they do sell their respective blockchain tokens to the backers, who are then able to access certain privileges within the blockchain’s ecosystem.

Once listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, the tokens can be sold for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, or another crypto token. The main idea is that the venture will gain traction and popularity within the industry, escalating the coin’s perceived worth and actual value.

Now that you understand the profit potential that comes with investing in ICO’s, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting upcoming ICO’s for the 2017 Fall season. Please note that we do not endorse any specific crypto token, but are merely providing detailed information regarding each crypto venture.

Fall 2017 ICO’s

Reality Clash (RCC)

One of the most interesting ICO’s of the year, Reality Clash’s end goal is to become one of the most sophisticated augmented reality combat games in the world. Thanks to being available on iPhone and Android, the game will benefit from a much needed social component, something a majority of augmented reality games lack.

Reality Clash utilizes the Ethereum blockchain network. The creators behind Reality Clash have decades of combined experience in the gaming industry, with many working on popular titles from big names like Disney, Activision, Microsoft, and UniSoft.

The team has already created a playable demo, which you can check out today. The presale started on August 1st, while the official ICO launches on August 29th, 2017. A majority of the funding from the campaign will be used to develop an MVP (minimal viable product) version of the game, which will allow the company to have a soft launch in Q3 2018.

ICO contributors will receive RCC Gold coins, which will be worth an estimated $0.30 per coin. RCC Silver coins will be released after the soft launch, and will be worth an estimated $1.00 per token.

Ambrosus (AMB)

Ambrosus will use an advanced combination of high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol, and smart contracts to build a community-driven ecosystem that guarantees the quality, safety, and origin of products. Ambrosus may become a major part of the food and medicine industries. Ambrosus will basically radically improve the supply chain process, wherein users can record and track the history of products, allowing consumers to effortlessly find out where their products were made and what exactly is really in them.

Ambrosus will solve a major problem for the food and medicine products: lack of transparency. The fact is that thanks to the way the global supply chain is run, a majority of us have no idea what’s really inside the foods and medicine we consume on a daily basis. Ambrosus will help create a more transparent, autonomous supply chain that will vastly improve the current distribution processes efficiency.

Ambrosus’ ICO will begin on September 13th, 2017 and will close on October 13th.

KenCoin (KCN)

If you thought the adult entertainment industry has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies and blockchains, you’d be wrong. KenCoin is a cryptocurrency token that will target anything and everything related to the adult entertainment sector. KenCoin’s creators hope the token will eventually become the standard for dating and sex-related purchases. The main selling point for KenCoin is the anonymity factor.

Consider the following scenario: Millions of people go online and visit websites that fulfill their fantasies every single day, but when users come across gated content that they must purchase and subscribe to, they almost always immediately click away. In turn, the adult industry loses a significant amount of money every single day. Why? Simply because most people don’t want trust their personal information in the hands of adult entertainment website owners, and they also want a way to pay for adult content in an anonymous way.

That’s where KenCoin steps in. KenCoin will operate as a completely anonymous crypto token leveraging the power of blockchain technology, providing its users with a way to privately, anonymously make secure transactions to adult industry merchants. And anyone who knows a thing about the adult industry knows it’s a booming multi-billion evergreen business. The technology runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Presale contributors will receive a 15% bonus, and a single ETH coin will be worth approximately 4,000 KNC tokens. KenCoin’s ICO campaign officially begins on August 22nd, 2017 at 2:00 PM GMT.

Dmarket (DMT)

Dmarket will act as a blockchain-based global marketplace tailored to gamers. Their decentralized marketplace will leverage the power and trust of smart contracts. Gamers will be able to seamlessly evaluate, exchange, and enable one-click purchases of practically every virtual item of all games on every platform.

The blockchain will be 100% secure, and the use of smart contracts will help connect all game worlds and universes without the need for a third-party service. The blockchain will make a log of any change in ownership for virtual items, and payment transfers will be secure and automatic. The Dmarket will use its native coin, Dmarket Token, as the only currency for purchases.

Like any worthwhile cryptocurrency, Dmarket is helping to solve a major problem in the gaming industry. For instance, even though over 2.2 billion people play games each day, there are only around 4,000 professional gamers making a real profit. So by virtually connecting a $100 billion market, Dmarket is able to help 94% of gamers trade their virtual items with the rest of the world and take their piece of the gaming pie. Dmarket’s API will also help developers connect their games to the Dmarket.

Dmarket’s ICO will begin on August 17th, 2017 and end on August 21st. There will be a small token bonus for backers within the first three days. Dmarket creators hope to achieve a minimum of 5 million Dmarket Tokens during the ICO, with a cap of 50 million tokens. Dmarket will accept BTC and ETH as payment methods, with 1 ETH coin valued at 1,000 Dmarket Tokens.