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Things You Should Know About Best 3 Cryptocurrency Wallets

There are literally hundreds of wallets in the cryptocurrency industry, each claiming to be secure, fast and flawless in its operations. While it is impossible to review each and every one of these wallets, I will present to you three best wallets in my opinion and review their capabilities and important bits of information that needs to be known by the end user. They are easy to operate and have some of the safest history of operations.


If you are somewhat of a beginner with bitcoins and have limited knowledge of wallets and how to use them, Mycelium is a really good place to start.

One thing you need to know about the wallet is that it is for both iOS and Android users.

The Bitcoin keys, both private and public are stored in your wallet and such that outside incursions are unlikely.

You are also give a recovery code called seed at the start of your app experience, If you somehow lost your phone and want to recover your wallet, you can use the 12-key seed for that.

It is a really simple yet robust wallet. So far you can only use Bitcoins on this wallet and that is a major drag but the company is working on Ether as well.


This wallet is only for desktop users and is considered by many as the best desktop wallet in existence right now.

It is a useful wallet and offers far more operational flexibility than a normal wallet.

It allows multiple wallets to be created using the same account so you can disperse your savings, current account, etc in different wallets for security purposes and utility.

You can even download a feature to monitor your wallet through your phone but it is best used in the traditional comfort of a desktop and its large screen.

Electrum is also only designed for bitcoins

Jaxx Wallet

The best thing about this wallet is that it supports multiple currencies in its current system so you won’t have to be limited just to bitcoin.

Most of the leading currencies are supported in its relatively secure system.

The Jaxx system envisages no access to individual user funds and private keys are never hosted over a server outside their system.

They also don’t require users to give their email addresses or any other identity compromising information.

It is kind of a cold storage approach to security and seems like working.

The switch between ETH and BTC is very easy and fast.